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“Peter has been the key driver in getting the Trust to take a strategic approach in planning for our future.”

Annette St Clair, Founder, Amie St Clair Melanoma Trust

“Peter has a real passion for the development and promotion of soccer, & has always been a strong advocate for Women's football.”

Chris Blake, District Football Trust


Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.
If you want something you’ve never had,
you’ll have to do something you’ve never done.

The other 20%

Peter has always challenged himself, his teams, and the organisations he has worked with to be innovative and find their ‘uncomfortable zone’ – this is where great things happen. Often sticking with the business-as-usual routine means 80% of your efforts are returning 20% of your potential outputs (the Pareto principle). Innovation is about uncovering the 20% efforts which will return you 80% of your results!

Make no mistake … innovation is tough – you’re solving problems your organisation often doesn’t know it has – and the road to success or failure looks similar at first. Peter will show you how to embrace ambiguity and learn that the challenges are not failures, just stepping stones to success.

keynote speaking

The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.
– Michelangelo

Ignorance and expertise are tag team partners

Peter has been the keynote speaker and MC for numerous conferences, corporate and community events. His relaxed style and humour adds real value for any audience on what is needed to drive innovation and change.

He can speak on a wide range of topics and is a regular media commentator on technology and innovation. His Outcomes Guru blog and forthcoming book, Outcomes, explore how to deliver outcomes in a world obsessed with regulation and compliance.

Peter draws on over 25 years experience in developing high-performing teams and delivers strategies into how to be innovative while confronting your personal, and your organisation’s, fear of failure. Peter combines his first hand practical experience in driving change with deep insights gained from his research on innovation adoption.

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about peter

You can quit if you want, and no-one will care. But you will know for the rest of your life.
– John Collins (Ironman co-founder)


This is the formal bit. Peter has the qualifications, experience and tenacity to speak first hand about the challenges of driving innovation and change through your organisation.

He has over 25 years experience applying innovation to transform organisations through leadership, strategy, project initiation and program delivery.

His competencies lie in the initiation and planning stages of a project: strategic master planning, stakeholder engagement, commercial assurance and partnership development between the private sector and Government.

Peter has managed collaborative projects with all three tiers of government delivering both commercial and community value across industry sectors including: employment, aviation, logistics, agribusiness, property, education, and telecommunications.


  • Innovation specialist
  • Creating strategic vision to transform organisation’s business models
  • Developing innovative service delivery models
  • Change management and stakeholder engagement strategies
  • Mentoring and developing teams
  • Achieving balanced economic and social outcomes in projects
  • Resolving complex challenges in multi-party negotiations
  • Outcome focussed.


  • PhD (Innovation adoption)
  • MBA (Internet marketing)
  • Graduate Diploma (Technology management)
  • BA (Journalism/Public Relations)
  • Associate Degree – Applied Science (Computing)
  • Federal – Baseline Security clearance
  • TMS accredited: Team Management Profile & Leadership – LLP|360

community engagement

Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.
– Warren Buffet

we are all in this together

Being heavily involved in the community is something I’ve enjoyed my whole life. Often it’s just stepping in to give a hand at one-off community events, while other Board and Trust commitments are more formal. Some examples are outlined below:

Broadcasting and media

Media and particularly radio have been a hobby for over 25 years. Starting in community radio with a show called Sports Rap, it grew into casual sports reporting and producing for ABC.

Around my professional business experience I have been a frequent media commentator on the topics of innovation and technology for the last 15 years and do a regular ABC segment called Tech Trends as well as a panel show called Digital Living.

Amie St Clair Melanoma Trust

As Deputy Chair of the Amie St Clair Melanoma Trust I am involved in a wide range of activities ensuring we are active in the fight to beat Melanoma. The Board plays a key role in the setting the strategy to meet our research, education and awareness goals about Melanoma in our region.

Getting outside my comfort zone

Getting up on stage and singing was definitely well outside my comfort zone. Despite this, with Mel Cotterill (who can sing!), we raised over $50,000 for the Amie St Clair Melanoma Trust doing a charity performance of Midnight Oil’s – Beds are Burning with the support of the lads from the Clontarf Academy.

The Matildas v Korea Republic

I have been a long-time supporter of Women’s football; in 2001 I was part of a small team who initiated and organised a two match regional tour of the Matildas vs Korea Republic. The image in the slideshow below is of my now adult daughter, as a baby, with the 2001 Matildas team.

community engagement activities

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